Sail away... to the moon

Digital painting (not photo generated or photo manipulation)
made with the standard brushes of Photoshop.
Completed: 16 April 2011


  1. I like the digital effect for the backgrounds. It adds a "watercolor" look to the portraits.

    Great job, Rouble!

  2. Both of these are very dreamy, like electric embryo, space babies. I think the moon is my favorite. She looks like she's snuggling up to it like a giant pillow! Although, the background and electric umbilical lines in "to the stars" are just mesmerizing. I believe I'm torn, but I guess it's not required that I pick a favorite : )

  3. Thank you very much Vincent!
    Haha, well if I had to choose I think the 'to the stars' would be my fav for some reason!

    "Both of these are very dreamy, like electric embryo, space babies." - That's exactly what I had in mind with these two! Actually I had painted the bodies in plain white before some time (the same time I did the ' the rain fell on me') but I wasn't sure what to do with them until now.

  4. Hi Rouble

    Im confused (maybe for my english).Isnt she hanging on the moon? Isnt she about to fall?

    Anyway, nice job!