Traditional painting, 35×45 cm
Oils on canvas
Completed: 4 April 2011


  1. Great and dark. You created a dark atmosphere in this painting despite you are afraid of the dark...

    Greatings from Spain.

  2. I said this on redbubble, but I'm going to say it here as well - this is simply wonderful.

    - a.

  3. Very symbolic and intense. I'm glad that you take photos of your work in progress because it helps to create a dramatic effect that compliments the progress of your projects. This is a great example.

  4. Finally, you've started to emerge, fully focused. You're not out of the darkness yet but you're winning the fight!

    The hands dripping and stained with paint are amazing. It's as if you've been in a long battle with your art.

    Congratulations, Rouble : )

  5. Hi Jose, Anthony, Matt and Vincent :) thanks everyone so so much.

    It still feels weird looking at this painting, I have never done something so 'personal' (I have, but not with this way) and never such a 'real' illustration of myself.

    But it was a great lesson for oils paints. I always start so messy (look at the first wip pics) but I can work them out, in the end >.<

    Thank you all for your comments.
    Have a wonderful day xx