BLACK XMAS: Brighten up the Christmas lights

Traditional painting, 40×40 cm
Acrylics, gouache and watercolours on canvas
Completed: 1 December 2009


  1. I like your work Rouble. And thank you for following me. I also work steadily at my desk for hours and hours wanting to reproduce exactly what I see in my mind. It is not easy! But it is life.
    Best to you.

  2. Her hair turned out great. It really catches the light from the fireplace.

    As for the content, I'm lovin' this! It's like she's all, "You hear me, Christmas tree!? YOU ARE MY BITCH! You're gonna wear these LIGHTS! You're gonna fill my living room with an aura of LOVE and PEACE and we're going to have ourselves a MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS GODDAMNIT!!11!!"

  3. @ Ms Corpse Cafe: Thanks honey, I'm really glad I stepped across you the other day. I own you a visit >.<

    @ Vincent: HAHAHAHA :P Exactly, thank you xx

  4. WOw! You're absolutely a great artist!

  5. Thank you Elgart!
    I meant to visit your blog, I saw some of the movies you have posted there - you do a good job >.<