Blind love/I'll pull out my heart

Digital painting (not photo generated or photo manipulation)
 made with the standard brushes of Photoshop.
Completed: 29 Juanary 2013


  1. Loving the dream-like feel of this. The black blending with the red... I think David Lynch said it best:

    “I wouldn’t know what to do with [color]. Color to me is too real. It’s limiting. The more you throw black into a color, the more dreamy it gets… Black has depth. It’s like a little egress; you can go into it, and because it keeps on continuing to be dark, the mind kicks in, and a lot of things that are going on in there become manifest. And you start seeing what you’re afraid of. You start seeing what you love, and it becomes like a dream.”

    — David Lynch, Lynch on Lynch

  2. Hi Vincent and thank you so much for your wonderful comment. David Lynch said it best indeed, I love his words :)