I wish it would rain autumn again - Sketch


  1. I recently retried my hand at drawing. I don't do it often and this was more an exercise of catharsis than anything. 2 of the pieces I drew were pretty okay. 1 was a self portrait of me as a 1 legged chicken with a vodka bottle for a beak and the other was a picture of my soul trapped in a vodka bottle.
    Sad stuff, but it is all I could do at the moment. It helped though.

  2. Hi, sorry for my late reply.
    Some times my hand just draws what I have in my heart ... I was never good at sketching and for sure I will never be, but having the ability to illustrate my feelings - good or bad - it's always helpful for myself and very inspiring.

    Lately I'm doing more and more quick sketches and such, and then I finish them digitally. The result satisfies me, even more when I can still see my scrap in the finished work.

    Keep creating Teddy ;)
    Hope you well.